Writer. Wanderer.

Hi, I’m Dan. 


I write, explore and try to make sense of it all. Time is a gift, a limited one nonetheless. With this time, I want to try and be a little bit better every day, whether by learning, trying something new or simply connecting in a way that is meaningful. Am I always successful in this goal? Definitely not, but having the goal is important. There is always more to be learned as we continue to evolve into a better version of ourselves.


Connecting with nature is one way that keeps me humble and grateful in my attempts to be better. I hope to share my experiences with you and to make backpacking more accessible to those that seek simple, yet fulfilling walks in the outdoors. You can check out my e-book, A Beginner's Guide to the John Muir Trail, also on Kindle or paperback on Amazon


I hope to help you as either an individual or business with all things hiking related. Contact me for freelance writing projects, questions or any comments you may have. Subscribe to follow along. 


Thank you for reading. See you out there.